Greater Irbid Municipality Inaugurates the Higher Investment Council

Greater Irbid Municipality inaugurated on Monday evening the Higher Investment Council, which held its first official session in the Hashemite Hall in the municipality building.

The President of the Council, the Mayor of the Municipality, Dr.Nabil Al-Kofhi, opened the meeting by providing an explanation of the importance of having a higher reference for investment in the city, concerned with guiding the municipality, setting plans for it, and providing recommendations for how to manage and establish investments in partnership with the private sector, in addition to attracting support and grants and attracting major investments to the city, with a number of 30 members.

Al-Kofhi indicated during the meeting that the municipality was keen to have representatives from the various sectors concerned with investment within this council, which included industrialists, investors in several sectors, syndicate leaders and traders, in addition to a representative from the Ministry of Investment.

Al-Kofhi pointed out that this attempt is a milestone in the municipal work, and he indicated that this attempt is a milestone step in the municipal work, and sets a historical precedent, and that it came as a reflection of His Majesty’s visions of the importance of developing, attracting and facilitating investment.

 And he indicated that the municipality wants to provide an investment that enhances its developmental role, by reducing unemployment rates and employing the unemployed, stressing that the municipality wants those projects that combine providing services to citizens, job opportunities and increasing its financial revenues.

He also stressed the importance of starting to transform the city of Irbid from a traditional city to a smart one, which is one of the main elements in making it an attractive place for investors. And he indicated that for this purpose, the Municipality re-formed the board of directors of the AlBalad  company which owned by it, and it’s the investment arm of the municipality.In addition to the formation of this council, the presence of a sub-committee emanating from the municipal council specialized in investment.

Al-Kofhi identified a number of criteria that the municipality will abide by when starting any future project, the most important of which is absolute transparency and that all work will be open without equivocation, in addition to the municipality’s keenness not to interfere with the interests and benefits of the president, members of the municipal council and employees with these projects, stressing the need not to start any investment without Existence of an economic feasibility study for it and ensuring that it is a real competitor, indicating at the same time that there is no specific framework for the municipality’s partnership and investments and that each project will be studied separately, taking care of the importance of achieving an added value for the municipality, the city and citizens.

Al-Kofhi called on the council members to open new relations for the municipality with all sectors, stressing that all the decisions issued by them will be respected, appreciated and given attention. At the same time, he reviewed some of the investments made by the municipality in previous years.

Al-Kofhi concluded his speech by launching the slogan for action in the next phase, which is “Irbid is unlike, the municipality is unlike,” noting the need for this council, in cooperation with the municipality, to help in shaping a  story of inspiration for all Jordanians.

For his part, Member of Parliament and member of the council Khaled Abu Hassan said that Irbid is considers an attractive location for investment, pledging that all representatives of the governorate will stand as main supporters of this council, praising at the same time this important step that everyone agrees on and pointing to the existence of a new law that will be presented for the Parliament in its special session that would Facilitate investment and remove many distortions and complications that have been deterring investors over the past years and ending the bureaucracy that was a direct cause of the failure of many important investments in Jordan.

The attendees presented a large number of ideas, suggestions and recommendations, the most important of which was the necessity of attracting tourism investments in the city, such as the establishment of high-rating hotels and the establishment of land for exhibitions and small factories with large production such as low-cost carton factories, and many suggestions that will be followed up through an executive office that was formed for this purpose.

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